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APMG InternationalTM, part of the APM Group, is an association of project managers, recognised globally for their highly sought-after accreditation. APMG supports companies in delivering APMG certified courses and offers consultancy services to a multitude of different certification schemes. 

APMG is known for helping to accredit companies in project management and other disciplines around the world, whilst also providing strict assessment processes. The combination of all these means that APMG companies are known for their commitment to delivering great, efficient services every time. APMG has a wide-ranging portfolio of globally renowned qualification schemes for Project, Business and Information & Technology (IT) Management, Cyber Security, and Public-private partnerships. 

All of their certified schemes, exams, and accreditations are used to help companies and individuals improve their efficiency by using the latest theories and methodologies of project management.   

Those who succeed in their exams will gain a digital badge. This badge is a digital version of their certificate, where you can share your achievements on social media and online to help progress in your career. 


An APMG certification is one of the most sought-after qualifications in project management. Employers know that APMG has a high standard of excellence, therefore, are more likely to hire you if you are APMG certified. Once you have completed the exams, you will gain an eCertificate showcasing your success. 

The APMG online proctoring system, allows you to take your exam whenever it is convenient for you. If you have any problems with the online system, APMG’s technical helpdesk is on hand to assist you with any queries you may have, 24/7. 

You will have a choice when it comes to deciding which method of APMG exam you would prefer to take. Should you wish to take the paper exam, you can sit the exam at a public venue. 

All APMG courses are taught by qualified trainers who are experienced in project management. In this course, you will gain pre-course support to help you get started, and post-course support to guide you and give you advice after completing your course. You will also be supported throughout your learning by our experienced trainers if you have any questions or queries. 

Career Opportunities 

Once you have completed a course you will be very skilled and knowledgeable in project management and the relevant processes, which will be invaluable to you in your career. 

With many career opportunities available in project management, an APMG certification will set you apart, making you more employable than your peers who do not have this qualification. With new technologies creating a need for more and more competent project managers, now is the time to start your career in project management. 

Whether you are just starting your career in project management or looking to expand your existing knowledge base, an APMG certificate will open you up to more career opportunities as there is currently a very high demand for APMG certified project management professionals. 

Improving upon your current knowledge in project management by taking an APMG course will have a positive effect on your career as you will better understand all the different technologies and methodologies that are present in the APMG course. Regardless of whether you want to specialise in project management only, or want to branch out into cybersecurity, the APMG courses will help you in both fields. 

Are you already working in IT or project management? If so, there is a range of different courses that can help you improve upon your current knowledge and help you gain more specialist knowledge. 

Are you just beginning your career in project management? There is a range of APMG courses available to help you gain a solid understanding of the core methodologies and concepts of project management. 

Which certification 

In these APMG courses, you will understand all about the most recent methodologies and core competencies in project management, to guarantee you will exceed in your career as soon as you finish. 

APMG has a wide range of certification programmes. The different areas that APMG cover in their courses include the following: 

  •    Project Management
  •    Aerospace
  •    Business
  •    Change and Risk Management
  •    Cyber Security
  •    IT Governance and Service 

We also provide some of the most popular APMG certifications, including the below:

How to get certified 

If you want a better understanding of which course you should take, look at our APMG Qualifications. 

Our friendly Course Consultants are on hand to answer all questions you may have. Get in touch today and we can talk through your options to find the perfect fit.

We are excited to welcome you to our courses as you begin your project management journey with APMG!

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